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More Fics from Prompts: Star Wars

This is for leeannaray who loves Obi-Wan/Padmé/Anakin as much as me.

Obi-Wan fleeing to Tattooine with the baby, Luke. PG-13, overtones of Obi-Wan/Anakin.

A/N: For those coming over from jedi_news, first off, thanks for reading. Second, this was a part of a challenge from my flist. The title is "So Much Betrayal," it's Obi-Wan fleeing Tattooine with baby Luke, Angst, PG-13 with overtones of Oni-Wan/Anakin.

So Much Betrayal

Prequel continued links below

The transport ship pulled away from the docking bay. A droid approached the man in the cloak. "Sir? Will you or the child require anything once we reach hyper-drive?"

"No, thank you. I believe I have everything I need."

That was a complete lie. His life had fallen apart over the past few days and his first instinct was to confer with his Padawan. But he didn't have a Padawan anymore. His heart refused to accept what his mind already had: Anakin was lost to him forever.

Did I ever really have him? he questioned. The child squirmed in Obi-Wan's arms, gave a terrific yawn and fell back to sleep, smacking his lips as he quieted again. Obi-Wan stared at the swollen face of the newborn. It was so hard to see parentage in someone so fresh and young. He loosened the swaddling around the child and tugged a delicate fist out, wrapped his finger in the babe's tight grip. Long fingers. Wide hands. His father's hands.

Was there anything of the child's mother? In a moment of uncharacterisitc vengeance, he wished there was not. Obi-Wan, normally so controlled, so trained in the Jedi way of leaving emotion aside, let himself give in to feelings not allowed to Jedi. If he was honest with himself, he had given in some time ago. That is where I failed you. Anakin, please forgive me for failing you.

To repent of his feelings for his apprentice was to feel regret for their bond, and that was something he could not do. Quite simply, Obi-Wan still loved him. The revelation that Anakin and Padmé had carried on under his nose upset him greatly. That Padmé had carried a part of Anakin, had given birth to not one, but two children - his children. That in the life thereafter, they would be linked by that bond... He immediately clamped down on the anger building in him. The sense of betrayal. The child struggled in his hands. Obi-Wan realized he had begun to grip the babe in his frustration. He pulled the swaddling off the child's head completely, and felt hatred for the first time in his life. The one thing he could never have, vowed to never make, but so desperately wanted now that he was confronted with the child. I want his child.

A sense of calm swept over him. He had cared for Padmé. She stood for all that was good with the Republic. It was no wonder that Anakin had felt for her. But he couldn't let go of the small, dark part of him that held jealousy for what they shared. Did he speak to her like he did me? Did he cry out with need in the dark and lay his head on her belly, tears wetting his face like he did for me time and again? But. His love did not kill me. Not yet. His envy for the Senator was spent. And now he had their child. A child made in love, and to love he would be delivered.

Obi-Wan settled the babe on his shoulder to ease his arm. The baby hiccupped and nuzzled his bare head against Obi-Wan's lips. Obi-Wan breathed in and felt fresh tears spring to his eyes. He smells like him. He made a vow to watch over the child, to remind Owen of his promise to care for the boy, and one day - to train him to be a Jedi. Padmé swore with her dying breath that there was still good in Anakin... Together, perhaps the last of the Jedi would be able to prove it.


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