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Aw, crap. And GIP, to make it better.

CRAP. I've had it loosely planned that Mr. S and I were going to Vancouver on July 21 - 24, to hook up with mskakaako and husband, and to see marlo (one of my first LJ friends) and paynbow. He has to be in NYC that weekend for a business meeting. Maybe I could go by myself? No. We can't use his points for international travel without using up a TON, which means no San Fransisco in September, and come hell or high water, I'm there, man. So. SHIT! MsKaka and I had plans, yo! Sushi! Gardens! Tours! *cries* There was to be lunch with Heather! (I haven't returned your email because I've been HOPING to make it work out. It won't.)

So. Since my vacation is screwed, Mr. S is taking me to NYC with him so I can have SOME kind of adult break, which is YAY! But not, you know... the original plan. So entrenous88? We are staying in Times Square at the W - wanna hook up on Saturday for dinner? Love to meet you...

To make it better, I've made an icon. BOW TO IT'S GREATNESS! My teknikuhl skilz is ON. Now I can give people glitter ponies and not be a liar.

Got tagged for who I'd shag rotten I'm attracted to:

2. Cillian Murphy
3. Jim Carrey (shut up. I've loved him since Vera DeMilo. Funny is sexy.)
4. Scarlett Johansen (I'd watch her on screen watching paint dry.)
5. Jude Law (the man who inspired me to creat Man Pants™, back in the day of Mr. Ripley)
6. Selma Hayek (My LORD. Good. Fucking. God. The striptease in From Dawn 'Til Dusk.)
7. Jason Bateman (oh, my FIRST poster on my wall. The smart asshole on Silver Spoons. HEEEE!)
8. Vince Vaughn (remember: funny is my sexy. Oh, and smart-ass and cocky and full of themselves and... guh.)
9. Hayden Christensen (I like gentle boys. Because they never are. Mmmmm.)
10. Joan Chen ( I STILL think of that scene from Twin Peaks where she demands the sherrif to rip her expensive silk nightie off. Wow. She's perfection.)

And this is just what I can think of on the fly. I haven't included my freakish obsession with half of the cast of Montey Python from the early 70s - Eric Idle. GUH. Funny=sexy. Or Steve Martin, circa 1988ish. Or specific scenes from TV shows with a certain blonde vampire. Or a dark and broody (and naked) vampire. Or Val Kilmer from his Top Gun days. *asplodes*

Here's all you need to know about me: I love bodies. And brains. And smart mouths. Oh, fuck... the smart mouths.... COCKY in all respects. Heh. I'm rambling. I'll go away for a bit.

ETA: WAIT! I lied. I have to finish my boss me tasks, so I'll have a phone post for poshcat later today featuring my best impressions. Isn't that so exciting you need to PEE!! Ewww. That's gross.
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