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Tension breaker, had to be done.

My reading list (some people call it a Keiser blade. No, they don't. They call it a Flist.) was getting out of control. SO MANY posts to read. I was missing some things I wanted to read, yadda yadda, badda boom. Not flocking things, not trying to hurt feelings, just cleaning up a little. Some folks I don't have similar interests with now, some folks aren't around much anymore, and so on.

But. This is MY reading list, and you can feel free to defriend (god, I hate that term) anytime you want without hurt feelings to adjust YOUR reading list. No harm no foul. If you want to stick around, comment, whatever, feel free! I just needed to get fit for the summer, you know?

SO. Anyone want to tell me a joke? Link something funny? I'd LOVE IT. :-D

Here: I'll get us started: The greatest job would be to write this stuff. I love/hate these girls so much.

Whatcha got?

[ETA more funny]: came across Tourette Syndrome Barbie. Disturbing and funny. Because I hate Barbie.

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