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In which I lay out the groundrules

I'm bored. It's hot. Too hot to be outside at the pool. Mainly because I'm on my period and cranky, but we'll stick with it's too hot, mm'kay?

Here's some fun (hopefully): A Meme! But it's interactive. My next post is going to be a phone post (if you have Quicktime or Real Media or Winamp, you can listen to *.ogg files) and I'm going to give you 5 impressions. You spam that post with the answers. First one to get all five gets my UNDYING LOVE. Or something. Come on!! It'll be fun! No comments here - the phone post is coming up.

In the meantime, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the LOVELY, FANTASTIC, and SUPER CUTE lynnenne who turns 29 today! Honey, I wish you happiness, hot young boys buying you drinks and offering to give you naked foot massages. (Um, them naked. Is that better? Make you a bit less self-conscious? LOVE YOU!!!)

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