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Movie day! To be followed by Fireworks!

One good thing about a super frickin' hot day like today: movie theaters are niiiiice and cool.

Saw War of the Worlds. I haven't read the book since I was 9, so I couldn't remember the plot or ending. no spoilers here, BTW. But I'll say this: it stressed the hell out of me. I know I'm in the minority when I say I think Tom is a good actor, but he is. Such a smarmy jack ass in the beginning. And they had the little girl act like a bitch, which was a change for the creepy Dakota Fanning. And am I the only one that was waiting for her to say (like Newt) "Mostly," towards the end? Or scream out, "Riiiipley!!!"

It was a good blockbuster-type movie, although I felt it ended abruptly. This is where I can't recall the book, but I think they stayed true to it in that respect? The human-interest part was interesting and scary. Unfortunately, I think the people's behavior in the film is pretty close to what it WOULD be like, should we face large-scale invasion. I think I'll stock up on cattle prods, in the interim. Did hate the "Hollywood" ending, and for those who've seen it, you should know exactly what I'm talking about. It's the equivalent of the fucking dog jumping to safetly from the wall of fire and flying cars in Independence Day. GAH! Let the dog die! Make me care more! And he can jump right to her awaiting arms? While SEMI-TRUCKS ARE FLYING AT IT?

Next up: I drop the kids off at Grandma's later this week so I can see Batman Begins by myself. Hooray! I love to see movies by myself. Mostly. Newt? They named their daughter NEWT? Okay, now I have Ripley number 8 in my head mouthing (with difficulty) "Kill. Me. Kill. Me." Ha ha ha! That movie is craptastic. (Uh, Alien 4 for those slow on the pick-up. "Cleaned up" by Joss Whedon.)

Have a few unfinished fics on my hard drive. Now that crazydiamondsue is BACK from LEAVING ME ALONE ON THE INTARWEBS all weekend, maybe things will straighten up around here. Otherwise, I'll need to put an ad out for a few "Stoney Wranglers." I kinda went berzerk on the web this weekend. Spammeeeee.

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