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Jazz Hands: For the limp wristed? Or for the burgeoning GENIUS DANCER?

Okay, so today I got to meet

You are just wrong. Look at you, clicking away! If I HAD met Corey Feldman? You would have heard the mocking from your chair. For those who are new around here, I'm a Master Gardener, which means I can tell you how horrible you are to your plants while wearing a badge. But a new crop of students are going through the program and I was asked to be a Master Jedi Mentor, meaning I got my very own Padawan Learner. EEE!!

I'll do my best to keep him from the Dark Side. Otherwise, I'll cut his legs off and leave him to BURN. He's a cute, older gay man from Las Vegas and we cackled and giggled about old ladies with blue hair tending their roses. THIS AIN'T YO GRANNY'S GARDEN GROUP! I'm a bit hyper.

Because I'm feeling manic and need a hundred and fifty projects going at once.... I got nothing. Wait! Yes I do. I have more EM/HC RPS coming up, more DB/VK RPS, I have half of an Andrew Fanfic ...uh, fic coming, not to mention my MOPEathon fics. WHEEE!! *snorts cocaine*

To make things more fun, my stalker is back at giving everything I have written in the Star Wars fandom a 0 rating. Mr. Stoney has decided they are homophobic, because everything in the particular category I post in seems to be het, and I got that one nasty review where they objected to the male slash. Well... why did you click on the link? It was clearly labeled.... *shrugs*

To make myself feel better, I've started posting the Wee!Spike series over there. HA!! Don't like homoerotic stories that have feeling? HOW ABOUT I SHRINK SPIKE TO 5 INCHES AND SHOVE HIM UP ANGEL'S ASS?? HA HA HA HA!! Okay, obviously this is only making me happy. Hooray!

Let's have a super fantastic poll! Yeah? YEAH!!

Poll #529172 Super Awesome Too-Fun, OMG Poll!

I am the MOST familiar with this movie:

Wizard of Oz
Star Wars
West Side Story
I don't watch movies. I am a total loser who can't have fun.

Stoney, you are:

the biggest idiot ever. Next to me.
incredibly self-centered. JESUS. o_O
obviously bored.
secretly being stalked by me. DON'T TURN AROUND.

For those of you who can't handle the love that Corey and I share and didn't click on the link? Y'all's just a bunch of haters. Who missed a poll, and we all know how addictive they are and you MISSED OUT.
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