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BORED. So, so bored.

GIP! Thanks to cityphonelines for the funny hotness. There's going to be a few of these as ponders_life has made me pretties, too...

Waiting for a fic to beta, too hot to play outside anymore, antsy antsy horny antsy... See how I worked that in?

MEME!! music/lyric meme, whatever it's called. Let's play!! Or you can flash me your boobies. Ooh!! Pick that one!!

1. "When a black cat/ crosses my path" CORRECT! Sugar Water, Cibo Matto
2. "For once I can say/ this is mine you can't take it" CORRECT! For once in my Life, Stevie Wonder
3. "How does it feel to be/ one of the beautiful?" CORRECT! The Beautiful, by PM Dawn
4. "She's filing her nails while they're dragging the lake" CORRECT! Watching the Detectives, Elvis Costello
5. "Me and my girlfriend/ don't wear no clothes, you know"
6. "I used to smoke and drink and dance the hootchie coo!" CORRECT! Saved! by Lavern Baker
7. "I got a cow that went dry and a hen that won't lay" CORRECT! I'm Busted, Ray Charles
8. "Yeah I got on sneaks/ but I need a new pair"CORRECT! Summertime, Fresh Prince - hee!</b>
9. "Have mercy baby/ I hope you don't mind/ but let me clear my throat!" CORRECT! Let Me Clear My Throat, by DJ Kool, Biz Markie, and Doug E. Fresh
10. "Everytime I ask you for some cash/ you say No but turn right around and ask me for some ass" CORRECT! Tyrone, Erikah Badu - this song ROCKS, y'all
11. "Some gal'd giggle and I'd get red/ Some guy'd laugh'n I'd bust his head" CORRECT! A Boy Named Sue, Johnny Cash
12. "Put em in a pot, baby/ Put em in a pan, honey/ cook em til they're nice and brown/ Make a batch of buttermilk ho-cakes mama" CORRECT! Fishin' Blues, by Taj Mahal
13. "Called yo mama/ 'bout three or four nights ago" CORRECT! Before You Accuse Me, by Eric Clapton
14. "Dallas - got us all pushing/ Houston - too close to New Orleans" CORRECT! TRuckin', by the Greatful Dead
15. "What's with these homies dissing my girl?" CORRECT! Buddy Holly, Weezer.
16. "You love me no longer, I know and/ Lately there is nothing that I could do to make you do" CORRECT! Love Me, by The Cardigans
17. "I've been a bad, bad girl" CORRECT! Criminal, Fiona Apple
18. "I troll downtown, the Red Light place/ Jump up, bundle up, what's in store" CORRECT! Love is the Drug, Roxy Music
19. "In the town where I was born/ lived a man/ who sailed to sea" CORRECT! Yellow Submarine, The Beatles
20. "You've got to trust your instincts/ and let go of regret"

God help me, but my husband called and said he's buying a steel drum. In case you don't realize this about me? I fucking love drummers. My husband? Is a drummer. But. I want Tommy Lee, not Christopher on the beach. I think. Huh? Do I? Crap. Thursday is a loooong way away.....

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