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Did anyone say they needed some RPS?

Well, Sue gave me the "Fuck! print that shit!" or in layman's terms: the all-clear. Last bit of my DB/VK RPS, "It's Method. Fuck, No. It's Improv."

Thanks to crazydiamondsue for the beta and to sweptawaybayou for giving the prick of inspiration for this in the first place.

Rated F. For fuuuuuuck.



(Did you miss any?)
Part One
Part Two
Part Three

When Vince walked, it was like his feet floated over the ground, like he weighed nothing. He had climbed out of the limo as soon as the car stopped, walked through the door and headed straight for the elevators without so much as a backward glance. When David walked, it was with the awareness and deliberateness of a predator. Eyes intent on the boy in front of him. His head swung side to side, watching for any interlopers.

David pulled the room key from his pocket and swiped it along the reader for the VIP elevator, leaned against the wall and lit a smoke as Vince walked inside and rested against the far wall.

"Hey - you're gonna set off the sprinklers or something."

David blew the smoke from the side of his mouth, walked in just before the doors shut, and touched the dry spot on his lip where his cigarette had been. "You gonna melt?"

Suddenly, Vince was unsure. He fiddled with his shirt hem, rested hands on the support bar, looked everywhere but at the large man smirking at him. The elevator stopped. David backed out. Vince didn't move. As the doors began closing again, David stuck his shoe in the track.

"Vince? Get out of the elevator."

"Fuck you, man. What the fuck? Are you just some kind of cock tease? What the hell, man?"

David held one hand out. "Vince. Get out of the fucking elevator."

Vince crossed his arms, ran a nervous hand in his hair, hooked his thumbs through his belt loops, stared at the ceiling with his legs bouncing. "This is bullshit."

David stood in the doorway now, hand still outstretched, "Baby. Get your fucking ass out of the elevator."

Vince looked straight ahead, chewed on the inside of his cheek, turned his head slightly and met dark brown eyes. "Go make me a drink," and walked past David, who gave a low chuckle.

"Yeah. Sure."

Vince stood at the door, trying to portray nonchalant coolness. David swiped the electronic key, opened the door, then grabbed Vince by the back of his neck and propelled him through the door and whirled him around. Vince felt the wind get knocked out of him as his back slammed against the shutting door. David's hands were at the boy's shirt, clawing the thin tee up, mouth at the boy's neck, tongue and lips working together.

"Are you gonna be mad all night? Did I hurt your feelings?" David used the moment's break to pull the shirt over Vince's head; the tee got caught on an elbow, pulled longish hair across the boy's baby-face. Vince laid his head back against the door, the screw holding up the "In Case of Fire" sign digging into his hair. He turned his head sideways, offering his neck.

"Quit being an ass."

David slid his hands down thin arms, circled his hands around delicate wrists, threw Vince's hands up high over his head, then collected them in one, strong hand. David took a step back, used his free hand to rip the button-fly undone on Vince's baggy, worn-out jeans. "I'm being an ass?"

David pressed his chest into the boy's rib-cage, breathed warmly into Vince's ear. "An ass? Did I hurt your feelings?"

Vince shifted his hips, letting his jeans fall to the floor, and arched his back. David licked and bit a trail down the sinewy muscle in Vince's neck.

"Doesn't feel like you're mad at me. Look at me, boy."

Vince opened his eyes and tried to not blink. Tried to keep them open as a strong, calloused hand made its way down the light dusting of hair at Vince's navel. As fingertips wriggled and tugged at soft, brown curls. As strong and long fingers lightly traced the thick vein on his cock.

"Vince? Are you gonna stay mad at me all night?"

Vince licked his lips and rocked his hips forward.

"Vince? What would you like, baby? Is there something you want?"

Vince muttered under his breath, closed his eyes and licked his lips again. David leaned in and rubbed his lips back and forth across the boy's mouth, then whispered, "I can't hear you. What. Do. You. Want." Vince tried to pull his hands free, but David kept them high overhead. To make up for the pain, David's free hand began to pull, twist, caress down below. "Tell me. Maybe I'll do it. If you tell me."

Vince opened his eyes, rested his forehead on David's cheekbone and muttered, "I want you to suck me off."

David chuckled and released the boy's hands while sinking to his knees. He pushed Vince's hips back hard against the door and took the boy's cock deep in his throat all in one fell swoop. Vince shuddered against the door and used his useless hands to hold himself up up by resting them on David's head. David pulled back, licked his lips, and took the boy into his mouth again, twisting his head side to side, and sucking so hard his cheeks hollowed.

Vince's legs were turning into jelly. David was now holding him up to the door with his forearms against sharp hipbones; David's hands criss-crossed at Vince's navel. Vince was rocking back and forth, mouth open, gasping, hair hiding his face. Vince tugged at David's hair, then splayed his hands across David's skull as the older man deep-throated him, licked the head of his cock, swirled his tongue over and around then stroked the underside as he deep-throated him again. And again.

Just when Vince thought he would either come or go blind, David leaned back on his feet, held on to Vince's hips, then pushed the boy back to the bed. Vince collapsed on the bed, dazed, hips still rocking back and forth, eyes heavy-lidded and face confused.

"Wha -? Hey."

David had pulled a condom out of his pocket, unzipped his pants, and was stroking himself. Rolled the condom on. Continued stroking himself as he swaggered to the bedside. "You know what you're going to do for me? You're going to bite down on a pillow or something and keep that scream in that we both know is coming." He pounded a bit of lotion into the flat of his hand, continued stroking himself, climbed onto the bed on his knees.

"You know what? Fuck it. I want to hear you scream. Can you do that for me, baby?"

Vince was slowing coming out of his fog, but it was too late. David had flipped the boy onto his belly, grabbed hip bones and propped Vince up on his knees. With his right hand, David pushed down on Vince's shoulders, driving the boy's face into the pillows, used his left hand to guide himself. Slowly and steady, he pushed forward. Vince groaned into the pillows.

"Vince... ah. Fuck."

David snaked his hand to the boy's nape and pulled him up. Let his hand rub small, sweet patterns onto the creamy flesh of the boy's back. Pulled almost completely out, swivled his hips in a circle and then pushed in deep and hard. Vince let out a strangled cry.

"Vince. Baby, what did I say?"

David pushed harder this time, so hard that his glutes bounced with the effort. Vince gave out a yelp. David leaned over and kissed the boy's spine with reverence.

"Fuck, yes."

David was now pounding into him, fingertips digging into sensitive flesh over hip bone. Vince leaned back, forcing David to sit back on his heels, and began to thrust downward, bounced up, thrust down. Vince reached back with his hands and held on to David's neck. "Touch me"


David pushed Vince back down into the bed, both hands pushing on his back, tendons and muscles standing out on his arms with the effort of holding the boy down, and began grinding and twisting and pounding into Vince. He growled and grunted, thrust in one last time, shuddered with his orgasm, then moved in and out slowly as the last of the spasms faded away. He pulled out, moved his hands off the boy and to the sides of Vince's shoulders. Nudged long hair away from a gasping mouth with his nose, and placed a tender kiss on the edge of Vince's full mouth.

Vince rolled over slowly. David didn't move. Vince's face was white with anger. David tilted his head and kissed the boy's mouth before he had time to turn his head. Kissed the boy's neck when he did turn his head. Felt the boy's erection still throbbing against his belly.

David rolled to his back, rested his head on his arms, closed his eyes, and with a smile said, "There. Now I won't hear Joss tell me about the sexual tension between us. Now you can hate me."

Vince rolled over to the edge of the bed, scrubbed his head in his hands while hunched over, trying to hide, regain some dignity.

"Thanks for the ride. You can stay if you want. I guess."

David pulled the condom off with one hand and tossed it towards the waste basket, not caring if it made it or not. Vince sat still, trying not to shake with anger, shame, or reach around and fucking throttle the asshole laying behind him. That Method mother fucker. He slowly stood and tried to get all of his clothes in one grab. Tried to get them on as quickly as possible. Tried to shrink into the floor.

David let out a bone-cracking yawn. "You still here? Hey. That was really good. I'll be sure to let Jimmy know. He's been asking."

Vince clamped down on the rage building up inside of him. Slid into his clothing. Grabbed his cell and wallet off the entry-way table. Bit back a retort that would only make him seem more vulnerable and petty than he already felt. Decided on the way out to a cab that Monday's fight session would be a bit different. He was going to beat the living shit out of David in rehearsal and love every minute of it.
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  • Um.

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