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In which I catch up, but just barely...

So obviously, tonight is HP night. The bookstore we're going to is a converted prison. As in, Wild West Texas jail from the 1870s. So to get your book at midnight, you have to go through "Azkaban" to get your copy from an "inmate." Wheee! They are setting up a "Three Broomsticks" outside with butterbeer, chocolate frogs, etc., then the middle section of the store is set up like the Gryffidor Common Room for fun, activities, etc.

I heard a TERRIBLE rumor that literally made me tear up. I felt like an idiot for caring so much about a fictional character, but. For those that are as excited as me for the book, you probably get that feeling of connection with HP's world. I will not say what I heard here. NO SPOILERS!! I promise to keep that, in kind.

In the meantime, just feeling out of sorts generally - lethargic (crazydiamondsue knows why and I can't help it, Sue!), antsy, wanderlusty. Hee! That's probably due to the sad movies I've been watching and the lack of sleep this week. But SO MUCH TO READ. GAH! What's everyone else doing tonight? Avoiding the freaks like me? Getting dudded up and hitting the book parties? Getting crazed at a club and wondering what all the fuss is about?

Confidential to marlo: The boy is too cool to dress up, but the girl is wanting to be Hermione tonight. Em will probably be asleep before 9. Hee!

Off to do a bit of shopping and play outdoors. It's unusually cool for Texas in July - under 90 degrees! *watches for impending apocolypse*

Oh, wait! Rove is getting busted: obviously hell has frozen over! Hooray!
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