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My toolosity and suckage

I am a wordsmith. Better than being a poopsmith. I'd have to take a vow of silence. Flies coming in and all.

We have to put our cat down today. Our sweet 12 year old tuxedo lovey who curled up on my pregnant belly and made the babies kick from his purring. The corn eater. The sneaky paw from under the table that would swipe a crumb off to eat. The weird creaky meower at birds outside the window. The cat sneaking behind me in my desk chair because he's cold and sick.

He has GI cancer and the medicine doesn't stop his pain anymore. I knew it was coming, but it still makes me sad. He has a black spot on the side of his nose and my husband named him Crawford, 'cause he's a dork. My husband, that is.

So, boo on this sunny day. Tomorrow will be better.

{updated info!!! Of the good!!}
Apparently tomorrow came sooner than expected. Mr. Stoney just left with Crawford to do the deed, with me bawling (slap a pasty on my head: I'm a complete boob). The vet called me and told me that a different medicine could help him, make him feel better, make it so he can eat. (Poor little guy has tumors in his throat, so he stopped eating).

I don't know. Is this cruel? I'm a firm believer that animals aren't people. Don't get me wrong. I baby talk to my cats, make special bed covers for my dog, sneak them treats, give them preferential treatment... However. Cats don't really emote. They bond, they care for a person, but ultimately it's about the id. Pleasure and pain. If this will make him feel good, make him eat so his hair will quit falling out, is that of the good? He's 12, had a good life, should we let him go? Not quite ready to after all, I guess.

Feel free to flame our decision, or praise it. Just glad I don't have to dig a grave and explain to the kids that we are burying him. Ahhh. Animals!

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