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Sorry for the spam, but AH HA HA HA!!

Okay. I just realized I've past my "one year on LJ" mark. So much for the thoughtfulboring post, yeah?

Looked through some of my earlier entries and found THIS GEM.

So in case anyone thought my HP love was new? Psssssh. WHATEVAH. McGonallBottom. Their love is so pure.

Random comment #2: Saw Batman Begins yesterday and LOVED IT. I think it's better than Spiderman, and dude: that's saying a lot, coming from me. I read two comics as a kid: Spidey and the Dark Knight. BB is frickin' great and manages to avoid the "comic book transfer" trap that I think so many adaptions suffer from. It seems completely believable for him to dress/act that way. The villian is plausible. LOVED Spiderman, but the Green Goblin got OLD, yo. So out of place with how real everything else seemed, you know? But the Scarecrow works in this context. Plus? CILLIAN MURPHY. (And *cries* he's SHORT! Ahhhh! No shorties, y'all. I like my men TALL. But he's soooo pretty...) Katie Holmes was just meh. Anyone could have done that, but Christian Bale IS Bruce. He IS Batman. Christ, he was good.

Okay. No more until I've finished HBP. And the world of LJ sighs in relief...
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