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I should be cleaning.  I should be scrubbing and organizing and washing.  I should be cleaning poop from my massive dog  from the back yard.  I should be because my in-laws are coming over tomorrow.  My FIL is terrific. He's like my husband.  My MIL...  She thinks I'm a terrible mom.  And that I ruin everything.  (She said so - to my face.)  She has OCD and is obsessive about clean.  Scrubs her hands raw on a daily basis.  So here's Stoney with her three rambunctuous and young kids wrecking the house on a daily basis.  Do I waste my time following behind them all day?  Nope.  I clean at night when the hooligans, er, my lovlies are sleeping.  I may not vacuum every day.
Horrors!  I may not scrub out the tub everyday.  No!  Yep.  So I get this pannicky tightness in my chest right before they get here, then I see her red hands and mentally tell her to fuck off.  'Cause I'm so nice.  My youngest's b-day is tomorrow, and a year ago was when she told me that I ruin everything.

Frankly, her opinion doesn't mean much, so I'm not looking for sympathy or anything.  I find her bird-like flitting back and forth examing things, her muttering under her breath, "oh, this is how she sets the table.  I see."  Her asking if she can sit down...  Well, I find it entertaining.  What a stressful life she leads.  Not me!  I've got better things to do than put vacuum tracks in the rug everyday.  I've got PORN-og-graphy to read.  Books to read.  Games to play.  And a whole lot of sitting and stuffing my face.  I'll take that over scrubbing toilets anyday.


Seriously though, I should do something....

::re-reads chpt 14 of The Shy Librarian::

Really.  I'll do something productive.

::checks out The Damned again::  (Thanks, kben )


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