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In which... Yeah, I got nothing.

For those who have checked out the new comm, celeb_letters2u and joined up, THANKS! by all means, feel free to pimp it far and wide. Depending on the amount of traffic it sees, I may move it to a website.... For the record, we don't plan on responding to the replies there, because we want to maintain our ID as Handlers, only. Does that make sense? Like how the girls at FuggingItUp used to let people comment, but didn't reply back.

In other news, I'm gearing up for my NYC trip this weekend, and it couldn't come at a BETTER TIME. Yow. I need a break from this house. Love the kids, love my house, but it's HOT and HUMID and the kids are in their WHINEY stage and all the kids from the neighborhood trooop in and out all day long and are little locusts and I want GROWNUP time. Random CAPS. I have three half-assed fics from three different fandoms sitting on my PC and I can't get my brain to work right. I need a trip, good food, my husband, and LJ friends. Whee!!

So. If I wanted really good food in Chinatown, where would I go? Anyone? Bueller? I'm letting entrenous88 pick the eatery on Saturday night. But we are on our own Friday and Saturday day. Hints? Suggestions? Dirty limmericks?

GO SIGN UP AT celeb_letters2u! It's my first comm - be gentle...
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