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Dude. Things are just THREADBARE out on LJ lately. As a result, I'm all crabby and bitchy and going to places I shouldn't be and itching for a fight in STOOPID threads, and I think I need a handler 24/7 or something. WTF? *points to self*

I think I'm burned out. In less than 24 hours, I will be headed for the airport, ready for fun, no one whining, fighting, complaining, begging... BAH. Love my kids, but summer is LONG.

Wow. This is grumpy. One last gripe, then I SWEAR I'll stop: I'm American. Shocker, I know. Those who know me around here know that I despise Dubya, hell, I packed my kids up and drove to Crawford to support the showing of Farenheit 9/11 there. But, just because I don't like the current administration doesn't mean I hate America. I don't hate ANY country. I would NEVER say a blanket statement like: ____ country is shit, but the handful of people I know there are alright. I don't know why it's acceptable to say that about ANY place. So, I jumped on someone (I have since apologized) for saying something along those lines, and it's been bothering me, still.

Dubya is HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE!! But? He'll be gone soon. He's no Pinochet, he's not Pol Pot, he's not Ghengis Khan. (Mainly because he'll be gone, and he can't stay and weild his power until his death) And again? HE'LL BE GONE SOON. Most people here are coming out of their fug and realizing what they've done in voting that ding-dong into office. Reagan was a piece of shit, too. But once he was gone, and the remnants of his administration left, Clinton came in and gave everything a boost. Economy, hope, etc. The pendulum will swing back, and I'm doing my damndest to help get it back, believe me.

If you hate America, that's your right. God knows there are a few yahoos over here making it easy for you. And it's your journal, you should say what you think and feel, absolutely. Just know that I'm a little hurt by the blanket statements. I would NEVER say your home is crap. I've decided governments are like families: everyone has those few crazies you wish wouldn't come to the reunions...

Okay. No more of the ugliness, I just needed to get that off my chest in case my plane goes down in flames tomorrow. How about something funny? Hooray!! Here's a list of suggestive phrases in Harry Potter's OotP. For the record: canon = fairly innocent. FANDOM = porny as all hell. Wheee!! :-D Cheers!

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