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Downloads, Things, and WhatNot

Hello my chickadees. First off, pretty good day to be a Texan. *wipes tear of joy and relief at Shuttle Launch being successful* Confidential to anelith: the captain? She goes to my in-law's church. And Lance Armstrong? 7 times, cancer survivor... Hell, yes. (Okay, and he dumped his wife for a celebrity, but... 7 time winner! Cancer survivor! *ahem*)

Because I have a gazillion things to pay for this month, ie: 2 sets of braces, dental/ortho trips, eye exams, new clothes, etc., I am YET AGAIN behind on mailing out the Faith CDs to everyone. I mean, at last count it was 105 disks all over the globe. Yow.

So. Here's the solution. Click here to download the monster file. Playlist is included in Word format.

Seriously, it's huge. HOWEVER. If you have issues with large downloads (like, say, an episode of a program) you should download and install THIS program, then copy and paste the link above on the "click here to download" page. Good for dial-ups, etc. And, if it times out because of too many hits, it'll remember where you left off and pick up there when I upload the file again. Neato!

PLEASE comment that you are taking. I don't care if we are friended to each other or not, have at the music. Just, you know, remember that I made it and don't try and pawn it off as your own. Yeah, it's music, but still - I worked hard to put this together. Thanks!
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