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Me, In Numbers!

1. You might be here for one of three reasons: My LDS Sparkledammerung series of posts, because you follow my website Hey, Don't Judge Me, or you're a spambot from Russia and you want me to buy your penis cream.
2. I am not currently in the market for Penis Cream, but thank you for thinking of me! I'm a lady, so I have no need for that stuff.
3. I'm a Master Gardener, and used to have loads of time to answer questions. I don't really anymore, but this is a helpful list of gardening tips/landscape info for you. :) Leave me a question here, and I'll do my best to answer it for you!
4. Even though we get really chatty here, try and remember that this is actually one person's journal (mine) and unless I ask for you to go off on all the reasons you hate everything I love, you should probably just...go ahead and not do that.
5. Because it's really chatty around here, feel free to strike up convos when inspired. Lurk, comment, come, go, add me or remove me, I won't mind. It's just the internet.
6. But just because it's the internet, you don't get to be a dick. I live by a strong "Don't be a dick" policy. Manners are free; there's no excuse to not have any.
7. I have a family, run a growing business, act, and write. I don't always have time to comment. It's not meant to be mean, sometimes I just lose track of time. I will ALWAYS thank you for reading any fiction I post, because that means a lot to me.
8. I forgot what 8 was for.
9. Isn't my Spock mood icon awesome? bonus points if you know why. Alas, I will not share it, so...sorry?
10. I love nachos. And tequila. And really stinky cheeses. And red wine, but I'm a bit of a snob about it. But I always share.

Sorry not sorry

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is really bad. Not "Sharknado" bad (because that's so bad it's good) but commits the worse crime of being boring. Of being unimaginative. There is nothing new to say, nothing new to do, nothing new they're going to explore. I said last night on Twitter that it would have been an amazing show in 1986. It would have felt like Indiana Jones on TV.

But in 2013? No. And I'm SAD about that. (And I seriously do not get what has errbody fanning themselves over Coulson. He looks like a tax adjuster.)

ION, I needed a break from writing OMH (because I'm stuck on bad parts of my life and how to tell that without it sucking) so I switched over to writing fanfic (Sterek). And I wanted it to be short but I don't know how it's going to be shorter than 25K. WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE.

Someone make Sally Derg stop being an idiot when the bus pulls up with the kids, please. OMG SHUT UP DOGGIE STAHP.

Tuesday Random

  • mrmonkeybottoms' rewatch/recap of Buffy continues with episode 2: The Harvest. Aww, classic Buffy with a classic Buffy fan. GOOD TIMES.

  • Melody's recap of Breaking Bad's finale is up, and I just really want more Breaking Bad people to talk to about this show.

  • I spent all weekend catching up from where I'd left off so I could watch the finale before spoilers were everywhere. That show is AMAZING in giant chunks. You can really see how tight the writing is.

  • Sleepy Hollow should be up soon, so in the meantime, feel free to catch up on the previous episode recaps!

  • I just made a fancy sandwich containing: thinly sliced marinated flank steak, caramelized onions, a schmear of brown mustard, and humbolt Fog on homemade bread. YEAH. IT WAS AS DELICIOUS AS IT SOUNDS.

  • The Mr. is out of town all week (after being gone all weekend) and wow, I am getting spoiled on having all the pillows with which to starfish-sleep. IT IS A DELIGHT.

  • I have spent three hours today looking up flight suit patterns that are close to what I want the end result to be for my Halloween costume (not saying what it is!) and realize that I might have to make a pattern myself. Bah.

(I thought I posted this three hours ago. WHOOPS.)

Agent S.H.E.I.L.D. (no spoilers)

So I liked it. I just don't love it. And I think it's because Joss is still in love with the exact same type of characters, and keeps putting them in everything he does. It just doesn't feel new. Firefly at least felt like he swapped people around, and the actors in Dollhouse (specifically Enver Gjokaj, and WHY isn't that guy working all the damn time? He has seriously amazing range.) made that feel like something new - and the premise was really interesting, too.

=/ I was all excited to maybe add it to the recaps at HDJM, but I'm not in love with it, and it's a LOT of work to recap a show, which is why I have that whole rule about "only if you love it" for the writers.

Don't get me wrong, I'm going to keep watching because it's really entertaining - I mean, the man isn't capable of writing a show I won't enjoy - it's just not the Second Coming of Whedonverse.

I'm hungry, flist. I want all the grilled cheeses that exist. ALL OF THEM.

WARNING: Unsettling content to follow.

I can't let this go. Help me, Flist. it's about my sonCollapse )

In happier news, I was cleaning up an odd pile of mish-mash and found a letter from the BFF from our college days. Inside was a newspaper clipping that I will repeat verbatim here (extra commas and all). I would like to state that this was from a small town Utah paper and NOT FROM THE ONION. NOR IS IT A DEEP THOUGHT BY JACK HANDY.

"When I am really depressed, I don't cry- I get a fudge brownie. I don't care if something really bad happens in my life, as long as I have a nice, thick fudge brownie to eat. Sometimes, when I eat brownies, I think of my old house before it burned down, and the kitchen where my sister and I used to fight over who would get to use the phone first, and eat brownies with whipped cream and spray each other with whipped cream." -Kandra [last name redacted], 14

O_O Bless.

Fandom Frenzy at HDJM

Hey, are you into Sleepy Hollow? GUESS WHAT IS ON HDJM.
Maybe you're looking for people to talk to about Breaking Bad? The Bridge? Yep. Got that, too.

And remember: we are a HAPPY FANDOM PLACE. Never will there be wank, never will there be shipping wars, never will there be general douchebaggery, and never will there be spoilers.


Guys? It's an amazing time to be alive. (And remember, all of our writers do this out of the love they have for their shows - they want to share it, talk about it, roll around in the joy of loving what they love. Share the links, remind people it's a SAFE PLACE, and chat up the writers!)


Thursday Random

  • I have a horrid head cold (I'll be fine, it's just the start of school yucks) and the hinge of my jaw feels like someone has cracked it with a hammer. I have a delightful chipmunk look.

  • Note to self: don't mini-head bang when "One" by Metallica comes on your play list because your head is 703% heavier when ill and ouch

  • I have a super bad ass therapist and I think she's awesome (our couple's therapist on the other hand...)

  • My daughter - who has been under a lot of stress with everything that's been going on lately - has pulled away physically from me (everyone, really) and while it's hard to not get hugs like I used to, when she DOES ask for me to hug her or play with her hair or something, it's like the best thing ever. <3

  • I made the first loaves with my starter - proper, 30 hours from start to finish loaves - and they taste SO FLIPPING GOOD. The crust is amazing. I modified my "daily bread" recipe to accommodate the starter, and wow, delish. Is anyone interested in the recipe?

  • I did make some pizza dough with the starter cast offs, and oh man. It was so thin and crispy and chewy. <3

SEE?! (this was the size of my two hands. Wee tiny personal pizza. :)

Prosciutto, Humbolt Fog cheese (almost too salty, honestly. Regular goat cheese would have been better), and arugula with a drizzle of balsamic. Crust flash-baked at 450F for 5 minutes with a brushing of olive oil and rubbed garlic before toppings added.

Wow, I'm hungry now. Bread Recipes Under the Cut - Daily Bread and Pizza Crust w/ Starter Cast offsCollapse )

Admin. Notice

So I'm finding myself with extremely limited computer time this week, so I'm just going to say that it's going to be hard for me to comment, read, etc. It's nothing against you, it's not necessarily how I want to be this week, but life sometimes supersedes wishes.

I hope you're having an excellent Monday, and if you're not, tell Monday to go stuff it. :D

Your daily derp + pics of my starter

So I ran out of contact lenses recently and haven't made an appointment with the eye doctor. As a result, I've been exercising without my glasses on, because that's not comfortable to me to be out in the sunshine with light blasting through my lenses. So I go on my morning jogs with sunglasses and hope I don't run into anyone I know.

I'm typically a smiling sort, so I usually have a relaxed, almost smile on my face that I turn up the wattage on when I pass a fellow jogger/dog walker. Looking ahead, I see someone turned towards me just a house or two ahead, so I crank up the smile and wave a friendly hello...

AT A YARD FLAG. Awesome. I'm offering "How to be super cool" lessons, if you're interested.

ION, here's a picture of my starter after a week, seeing as so many of you are taking the plunge/are planning on it.

#1. My crumpet dumpings (mm, sounds good!), basically the extra I scoop out of #2-3 every morning, instead of dumping it or adding it to a quick bread. This goes right into the fridge and stays there until crumpet time.
#2 I started a second batch from the first batch instead of dumping the extra (or making quick bread). I keep it tightly sealed, to see how that affects the smell. It's actually noticeably more intense than
#3 Ze original. This smells so good and yeasty, but #2 almost has an alcohol whiff to it. Hell yeah. That's just extra fermentation from being sealed up. Choose your poison. :)

Thanks again for the generous response yesterday re: Oh My Heck. I've been all fired up since then, and am diving back into my doc now. <3

UK pronunciation help!

MINGING. Is the G hard like Grover? Or G, George? [ETA] Got it, thank you!!

(And you're welcome for that ear worm, if you're of an age.)


(I have a few comments left to be replied in yesterday's post, which I will get to. AND THANK YOU, EVERYONE. The overwhelming support of this little community on LJ has been one of my favorite aspects of life for years, now.) <3

SO LET'S TALK CRUMPETS. I love them, would eat them almost daily, and now will be making them.

Remember how I mentioned the "wild yeast " project? It's coming along swimmingly, to the point where I have two bathes of starter going. (I can't bear to throw any out.) WELL GUESS WHAT, I DON'T HAVE TO. Each time I "feed" my starter (once it's refrigerated I won't be doing this daily) I have to scoop some out to discard. NOPE. That goes into a Mason jar I keep in the fridge now. When I have a good cup and change, I do this in a separate bowl:

1 C starter (leave some for the next time, right?)
1 tsp sugar
pinch of salt


Add 1/2 tsp of baking soda. It's going to bubble like crazy, which is good. Drop 1/4 C into each of those rings, cook on medium low for several minutes (about 5) until the top is set. Pull that muh-fuh onto a plate, slather with good butter and honey and DEVOUR. (They can also be frozen and then toasted later. Or refrigerate and toasted. Or just eaten. Possibly you could use them as oven mitts, but I don't know why you would. They would NOT make good Frisbees, I mean, the diameter's all wrong, not to mention how crumpets aren't aerodynamic at ALL.)

ION, I baked off two loaves of bread today with a scoop of my baby starter and I can already taste the difference. As can the kids, seeing as one loaf is almost completely gone. =/
ION #2, I tried a goat's milk cheese with balsamic vinegar soaked into the rind, and you'd think it would be delicious. You would be wrong. *ptooey!*
ION #3, I made oxtails again this weekend, and I want to heap praises on the Asian market where I bought them. So much better quality than the high end Whole Foods, let me tell you. PLUS (and this is the important part) they cut the large sections in half, so everything is sized uniformly. Cooked so much faster, and I think the exposed marrow gave it even more flavor. I have leftover sauce that we're eating tonight. I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW FREAKING DELICIOUS THIS SAUCE IS.

There's your trigger warning. I'm not holding back on my own experiences, so please take care of your own needs before reading. I do have at the end some links and helpful tips for those who may find themselves in a similar situation. SCROLL UNTIL YOU HIT BOLDED TEXT IF YOU NEED TO SKIP THINGS FOR YOUR OWN MENTAL WELL BEING.

Learning that [not stating how I know this person] has been hiding an abusive relationship for years has put today in a combination of overdrive with accompanying tail spin. My first reaction is to gather all the information needed, supplies, etc., and rocket launch that to the woman in need. Now that I've done as much as I can for the moment, everything in my past is hitting like a ton of bricks. Good thing I have therapy tomorrow. =/

The most damaging thing ever said to me was that I shouldn't ever let people know this happened.Collapse )

I was raised to be perfect, or to shut up until I was. Lots of bad guidance there, let me tell you. I didn't tell anyone what was going on, because hey. I might've been wrong. He might've gotten better. I might've deserved it, etc. God damn, people, we have to look out for each other. There are times when it is literally life or death. I'd rather piss someone off for assuming they needed my help than to ignore something this major.

(And you can share this post with someone if they need this information, you don't have to ask.)

Note: I know this is gender-specific, but it's because I am gender specific. I only know what I know, and I don't know how to speak about abusive gay relationships for fear of giving incorrect information. I can almost guarantee, though, that the numbers I've listed will know how to help you if you're a gay male/trans/non-cis male/human being in an abusive relationship. And the words of love apply to you, too, don't doubt for a minute that you matter. <3
Is anyone aware of a shelter/organization with a proven track record in Houston for abused women? I'm not looking for what can be googled, I'm looking for a place that is KNOWN to help women get out of situations right after being contacted, for a place/organizations that is known for maintaining anonymity for their safety and a place that can deal with an abused woman who has children.

This person is a business executive who will need help regaining control over her finances, but take away that this means she won't require long-term placement in a shelter, just that push to get legal balls rolling.

I am leaving this post open on the chance that anyone scrolling by in the HOUSTON, TX area might see this. ETA If so, PLEASE MESSAGE ME OR COMMENT HERE and I will [privately] get you in contact with the SAFE PLACE to help you.



Wild Yeast is a success! BREAD BLATHER.

Okay, m'foodies n m'bakers, let's talk shop.

I've mentioned in the past my grandma's 30+ year old sourdough starter and how I used to have a chunk of it back when I was a teenager. (I also went on a Mormon Youth Conference trip at the age of 14 to Navoo and bought an old pioneer cookbook that had loads of sourdough recipes, and spent a lot of time making chocolate sourdough cakes, sourdough breads, French bread with the starter cast offs, etc.) I like baking, is what I'm getting at. I've gotten out of the habit, and want to pick it up again. Now that I have the Fancy Sandwich Maker - IT'S ON SALE GUYS - I'm all about what bread can I melt some cheese and stuff on.)

If you're not familiar with the basics of baking, yeast is everywhere. It's just a microorganism that lives all over the place. You can buy it from the store freeze dried or slowed down in chilled cakes, or you can grow your own. Most modern starter recipes have you begin with a package of yeast, water, and flour. FOOLS. That's like filling your sink with bottled water. Here's how I did it, methodology from an old cookbook I dug up.

Wild Yeast Starter and Bread RecipesCollapse )

And look at this sourdough crumpet recipe!!! AHHHH!!
Last night was Fancy Sandwich night: The Reuben. I slow cooked corned beef all day (lemme tell you what: my house smelled GOOD), sliced that up nice and thin, had some rye bread with a generous sploosh of Thousand Island dressing, corned beef, lots of sauerkraut and some Swiss cheese. Press and NOM.

YEAH. Please, Sir, I want some more. [MOOOOOOOOOORE?!] Oliver, one of my favorite musicals.

Today I used the last of the rye bread to make a swiss and turkey with a generous blorp of brown mustard and it was freaking delish.

Day two of making my own starter from wild yeast continues to look like the descriptions say in this pioneer book. I have another two or three days before we know if the experiment works or if I am going to poison my entire family. Eh, we had a good run of it. :)

I AM STILL HUNGRY. Time for a caprese on sourdough, I think! OR YOU CAN DELIVER SOMETHING DELISH TO ME. I'm good with just about anything. Man, I need a sandwich icon.

your dose of random for the day

1) I learned that shed hair (meaning, the "root" isn't there) only has mitochrondrial DNA in it, not nucleic (what would be in your blood, bone, tissues, etc) DNA.

2) I am attempting to make my own starter (like sourdough starter) with wild yeast in the air. This is day 1, so we'll see how it goes. the science behind it, if you're interestedCollapse )

3) I heard a clip of Tyler Hoechlin sighing the word "fuck" into a mic and now I'm pregnant. That is just how damn masculine that guy is. [I am not actually pregnant. But I would like to practice getting that way with him. DON'T MAKE THIS WEIRD.]

4) The kids are back in school now (second week!) and I'm trying to get my footing on a routine again, and I have GOT to schedule time to write without distractions. It'll take me a few days to get the hang of it, but I need it. NEED.

5) I also need a way to become independently wealthy straight away. Feel free to offer me tips. (I already have "hooking" at the top of my list. Plus, who doesn't want to lay down on the job? Bonus: no need to buy a uniform.)

6) I WOULD LIKE TO GO SPEND SIX WEEKS TRAMPING AROUND THE COUNTRYSIDE. Any country's side, really. Backside especially. I'M LOOKING AT YOU, SPAIN *eyebrow waggle*

I might be going insane. Or I'm hungry. One of those things.


I'm having a quiet dinner alone (hiding in my bedroom while the kids and all of their friends rock out to music and talk over each other in the living room, omg, STOP TALKING OVER EACH OTHER!!) and wow, is it tasty.

Beets, arugula, balsamic and goat cheese on sourdough bread (that's what I had on hand, but thick French bread would be best) and a glass of DELICIOUS Rutherford Hill, Red wine, 2008 Barrel Select from Napa. Mmmm, flavorful, easy finish, will just get better as it ages. All hail French oak aging! I bought a half case of this after trying a bottle last night (this is the last half of that same bottle. It is now empty.)

If you make this sandwich, roast the beets, let them cool, slice them and let them simmer in some balsamic for extra flavor. Drizzle more balsamic over the arugula and be SUPER GENEROUS with the goat cheese. I wish I'd put a bit more on this one, honestly. But then, I would eat goat cheese every day. <3

It's been a busy day of errands, cleaning, and chores, and I am dee oh in ee DONE for the day. I'd share a glass with you if you were here, but alas, it looks like I'll have to drink this by myself... :) I get to have brunch with crazydiamondsue tomorrow along with her cute family and I am super happy about Tex-Mex brunch. Mmmm. FOOD. [/hungry ramblings]

Last but not least: mrmonkeybottoms - who wrapped up Orphan Black on HDJM - is going to start a rewatch of Buffy from the start soon, Janey's recaps of The Bridge are one of the few places you can talk happily about that great show, and Melody has jumped back in for this last season of Breaking Bad. Come give those girls some love!
So I have three kids. And they each have seven courses in their school schedules. And each teacher has emailed me a "welcome to the new school year!" email, a "please read the syllabus and electronically sign HERE" email, and now I'm getting a flood of "what a terrific week we've had!" emails.

FROM TWENTY-ONE TEACHERS. Sixty-three! Sixty-three emails from their schools this week! And there is an automated phone call that comes from them weekly, too, from the principals. JFC. [ETA] I even get them from the P.E. teacher at the middle school. WHY DO I NEED UPDATES ON THIS. Trick question! I don't.

Remember when we were kids (people of my age) and parents didn't give a shit unless it was parent-teacher night? Wait, that was probably just my parents. I might be the only person you know of that had to forge signatures on their report card because my mother couldn't be bothered to sign. (And they were As!)

(And I would like to remind you that my mother also wore her wedding dress to my wedding. That story never gets old, man.)

You absolutely need to watch this lecture series by John Cleese on how to be creative, how to ALLOW YOURSELF to be creative, and how to make it happen again and again. Creativity shouldn't be lightning in a jar.

Absolutely brilliant.

And may I say that years ago, when I learned that Monty Python kept bankers' hours (and believed the SNL method of doing coke and staying up for 36 hours to write sketches was stupid), I realized that it meant that one way wasn't THE way. When you're trying to follow in footsteps of giants, it's okay to take a path alongside them (and dip into the woods and go a different way, actually).

"Humor is an essential part of spontaneity, an essential part of playfulness, an essential part of creativity that we need to solve problems."

And now for something completely different. (Different from me not creating a damn thing.) I'm taking a deep cleansing breath, setting up my personal oasis, and giggling all I want, as per instructed.

It's been a freaking day.

I've been called stupid [LITERALLY. THEY CALLED ME STUPID AND I ALMOST MURDERED SOMEONE], I've been flat out lied to, and I've had to make a thousand phone calls (slight exaggeration) and I haaaaaaate making phone calls.

Here are the friends seeing me through the night. They're awesome friends. (Erm, Inspiri was my friend last night, too. I'm a two glass at a time purist. EXCEPT UNDER CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES SUCH AS TODAY.)


HEY DON'T JUDGE ME IS BACK ONLINE. (Clear your cache if you're not seeing it.) Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to drink more wine and read filthy porn. /coping mechanism


HDJM IS DOWN. I know. It's been >36 hours of everyone (webhost, DNS folks, etc) pointing fingers at everyone else and I KNOW.

And the people who have messaged "WTF?" in a pissy way like I owe you shit can GTFO. I run this thing on my own dime, my writers provide you free entertainment on their own time, and it's high quality entertainment, let me just tell you.

Those of you who kindly and patiently asked if things were okay are the best. (And fortunately you're in the majority. <3)

FINGERS CROSSED IT WILL GET FIXED ASAP. (We have become a high traffic site since Sam started recapping Vikings and Hannibal, and the Pacific Rim recap is off the charts meaning we have an incredibly high number of new readers. Which is awesome. But we're not on a NatGeo size server, so PLEASE BE PATIENT.)

[insert picture of squirrel in coveralls and a ball cap while holding wrench as it stands in front of a bunch of electrocuted wires]

I'm trying to post more, too

Hey - THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all of the comments y'all have been leaving me. I'm pretty overwhelmed at the moment (no, you don't say!) but I WILL respond to everyone. Thank you, thank you.

I leave you with a story that made me happy yesterday. I'm at Target getting sundries for the kids (because school starts on Monday oh my gosh HOORAY school school schoooooooool!) and as I'm leaving and putting my cart up, I hear a mom down on her knees talking quietly to her son, probably kindergarten age. Essentially he was misbehaving and she was quietly explaining why he shouldn't do that in a store, and if he continued to choose that behavior, they would leave and he wouldn't get whatever they were in the store for. So would he behave? I saw him rub his eyes, sniffle, and nod and say, "Yes, mama."

I whispered to her as I walked past, "Stellar mom-work right there."

She looked at me sadly and said, "Really? Because I don't feel like it was."

I didn't want to be more intrusive, so I just said, "No, you are doing an amazing job seeing that your small child listened to you. Couldn't ask for more, especially not at that age." I bid her a good day and saw her smile as I went through the big doors.

I WANTED to hug her and buy her a coffee/whatever she liked because she was clearly frazzled, but you'd never know it from how calmly she spoke and how firm yet loving she was to her kid. WHOEVER YOU ARE, MOM AT TARGET, I SALUTE YOU.


In A World...

...where people can be selfish, where people can get easily distracted, where people can flake on you, it's amazing to find that one person who will never does, and will never be.

I'm the type of person that lets very few people into the "inner circle." I subscribe to the Anne Shirley method of friending: only the Tribe of Joseph are allowed in, but still be friendly to all. I like to have a small group of close girlfriends, people I know that I can absolutely trust. (I'm actually quite shy and nervous around lots of people.) Over the many years of my life I've had few "bosom friends" (again, I'm living an Anne Shirley appreciation life) and they've all been amazing women and men.

But sometimes there's that one person that you click with, that one person who not only gets it, who understands your references and jokes (wow, is that huge for me), but is someone who you could stay up for hours talking with and not run out of things to gab about. More amazing is when that person inspires you to be a better person. When that person - just by who they are and how they carry themselves through life - inspires you to be your best in order to be worthy of that friendship.

That, my online friends, is something rare and wonderful. flaming_muse is that person for me, and after we spent a few years dancing around the edges of fandom, barely knowing one another, we finally started talking in comments. Which quickly moved to email, which quickly moved to going on trips together, sharing our triumphs and sorrows as mothers and wives and women who want to create and be happy. Not a day goes by that we don't speak, and not a heartache or triumph in my life happens without her holding my hand through it.

I'm a better person for having her in my life. I'm a better writer, a better mother, and a better friend. I'm so grateful for her friendship, I can barely put it to words. And today, on her birthday, I want to gush and throw a metric ton of love her way, because she deserves it. She's an amazing mother, as you all know, and an amazing person. She's talented, beautiful, thoughtful, unbelievably intelligent, kind, and giving. It seems unfair for her to be giving me all of that gift of friendship on her birthday, but that's the kind of person she is. :)




I'm like, barely holding on to sanity here, so that's why there's been radio silence.

Apparently to deal with my own crippling sads, I decided to write 2000 words of Stilinski Family Feels to tie into episode 3.11. If you think you'd like to read it, why, I'd love for you to click here and do that.

And if that's not your cuppa, no worries. I'm sorry I'm a bad LJer. =/ I'm mostly on Twitter being an idiot or reblogging pretty pictures on Tumblr.

That is a lie - there's no such thing. BUT THERE SHOULD BE. Poll is under a cut, because there are multiple images. POLL OF IMPORTANCE REGARDING THINGS YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH.Collapse )

Gimmie a bit and I'll reply to your comments from yesterday. I have a To Do list today that is stupid huge. <3

Rrrrrrrrrrrandom poll time!

Because this gives me an eye twitch. (I don't SAY anything, I just don't like it. We'll see if you can figure out what I mean.)
Poll #1927926 LAUNDRY


immediately fold laundry fresh out of the dryer. Mmm, warm!
pile the laundry on a bed/chair/sofa, let the cat check it out, then fold. Mmm, kitty + warm!
I pile the laundry on some nearby surface and grab what I want when I need it.
don't have any clothes. Ask me how! *leers*


have my dresser drawers arranged from top to bottom: socks/britches/sundries, tops, bottoms (perhaps with double drawers, but that order flows.)
have my drawers ordered from bottom to top: underwear/socks/sundries, tops, bottoms.
I jam everything into whatever drawer has space.
don't have any clothes specifically to avoid situations like this.

When folding clothes I:

start with bottoms, then pile folded tops onto that, finishing with undies/socks/sundries.
fold whatever my hand reaches first. I'll sort it out when I get to my dresser.
laugh, because I don't fold clothes. Clearly I'm a pod person if you catch me folding clothes.
stare at the owner of said clothing for a long period of time. Why do they have to make it weird? I just like B&E and laundry, okay?

Fitted sheets:

totally can and do fold them.
totally could if I actually cared.
go straight back onto the bed so I can avoid any folding trauma.
don't work for carrying bodies into the desert. Now tarps...


You are right. They are wrong. We know this in our soul. ORDER! WE WILL HAVE ORDER!
I get that this is important to you, but Imma keep doing how I do.
It doesn't matter. By which I mean to say that YOU don't matter. The proof is in how careless I am with the laundry you lovingly washed for me.
Do you need a drink?

LOOK I'M JUST SAYING THAT IF SOMEONE DOES YOUR FLIPPING LAUNDRY FOR YOU, STICK TO THE PLAN. ETA: And so I don't offend anyone: YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS POLL SERIOUSLY. Wait, I mean take this poll as a sign of my insanity and as a reflection on how I want my house to be run, not anyone else's. I truly don't judge people for the way they run their home, because it's YOUR HOME. <3

In other news, school starts in less than three weeks and the Mr. is traveling more and I am pretty excited about the upcoming solitude!

Somehow I have to make a lemon-coconut cake look like a Very Specific My Little Pony for Emily's 12th birthday tomorrow and it might just be cut like one with gumdrop eyes because come the hell on, kid.

Wine rec

After a loooooong (but incredibly productive) day, I am treating myself to a fine bottle of wine. Not a fine bottle, because it's Wednesday, but hey. This one is pretty terrific.

Very full bodied, almost spicy. No oakiness (you can always count on any rec of mine to NOT have a sweet, vanilla finish - which is what "oak" means) and so damn sippable, it should be fined. Or I could just let go and let Jesus. Because it's wonderful. It's a bit like Darioush, if you've ever had that? And considering that Darioush is $90 a bottle and this is about $35, not too shabby. It's a special release, so there aren't many bottles available. I bought one on a whim (I like the region) and will be going back to add a few bottles to my wine cellar (aka, the wine fridge. Cellar sounds nicer.) :D

I've had their Inkblot Cabernet Franc, as well, and quite liked it. I like this one better.

And if your ears were burning today, it may be because I shared the Coin Project story with my son's therapist/medical team. They all were amazed at the generous nature of online friends. I, of course, was not surprised. *beams* That was a real bright spot in a very dark time for my boy, and we all got a bit emotional at how lovely people can be to a complete stranger.

CHEERS! *clinks glass with you*


1. I really need an agent to take a chance on my sense of humor. I say this after putting the final tweaks on a Tu-Pac/California Love joke about the Book of Mormon's "people." (It makes sense in context.)

2. I really need a nanny. Or a live in bartender.

3. I really need a giant plate of salty French fries.

4. I really need a big ol' glass of wine. (I get to have that, though! Happy Hour in 15 minutes.)

5. I really need to stop beating myself up all the time. For example: I actually did accomplish things today, even if I did laze about for a portion of it. Also, I'm looking super cute today, and I NEVER compliment my looks, because that makes me feel weird and uncomfortable.

6. I really need to get over that last one because I'm okay and you're okay. *head desk*

7. I really need to know you are having a good day! And if not, watch this and then you really need to let yourself smile. :D

Cathartic fangirl weekend + navel gazing

First things first, I had my weekend-long party with some of my real life friends (who just happen to be people I've met on LJ) and no one pointed out the mud stains from dirty paws on carpet by the back door, so I consider that a win. :D

While I would love to have everyone over to my home (omg, I'm an introvert and that was a LIE but I don't want to sound like a jerk but seriously, let's get real here) I was very grateful to the small group of girlfriends who visited. (And those of you invitees who weren't able to come, you were missed and loved on!) You never realize how bad things have been until you feel their burden lifted. By which I mean to say how wonderful it felt to have girls I've known for years -- women I've traveled with, shared fandoms, sorrows, heartbreaks and joy with -- sit and drink margaritas with me and really let ourselves relax for a solid weekend.

And apparently Casa de Stoney is getting a good review on Yelp. :D

(Oooh, we made blackberry and Key lime margaritas that were TASTY. They needed tiny crushed ice to be tip-top, though. And flaming_muse? The Mr. told me that he bought me crushed ice and had it in the outside freezer - and I had no idea. Bah! Next time!) I actually lip wobbled and had tears running down my face after I dropped everyone off at the airport because it had been such a wonderfully supportive and fun weekend. I highly recommend doing something really nice for yourself. WHO KNEW?

Because I was so involved with enjoying everyone (and talking fandom, making dick jokes, drinking margaritas, refreshing sunscreen, praising the casting choices on Teen Wolf) I missed huge news for Dallas. Kidd Kraddick, a local DJ that became nationally syndicated, suddenly died. Why I even care about a Top 40s DJ.Collapse )

I'm spending the day figuring out how to move forward on projects that mean something to me, because my lovely friends gave me the will to do so. I'm definitely looking up. <3

Extra spoons?

I'm all out. (If you get that reference, you're old. Hey, I am, too.)

I decided that I deserve nice things recently and planned a birthday party for myself. (I typically don't do anything for my birthday because my daughter's b-day is the day before mine. She should have the attention. Plus, that's a lot of cake.) So I'm throwing one for myself a week early and have some of my dearest friends coming to help me float in the pool, eat delicious food, drink delicious wine, and talk fandom/random all weekend. (I'm kicking the family out to go camping or whatever.)

In preparation, I've spent the past week scrubbing the house from stem to stern, not to mention getting my butt out in the garden to finish some huge projects that are taking me forever to get done.

Well...the garden isn't going to be done. It's 100F (40C) all week, was close to that last week, and I give up. I was sweating so hard the other day that my kids thought I poured water all over myself. GROSS. The kids decided to tear the wallpaper off their bathroom, so I spent all yesterday finishing stripping that off with them, then prepping the plaster and painting it. (Which meant taking the toilet out, faucets, etc.) HEY, DIDN'T PLAN ON THAT TASK. But it's done? And will look nice for my guests? Gah.

It's hard for me to not have everything looking perfect. I was raised to be perfect. Not strive for perfection, but to BE perfect. Vacuum tracks in the carpet, everything spic-and-span, I'm a Master Gardener, so it better LOOK like I am and...I have kids. It ain't spic-and-span. (And these are my dear friends, they won't judge, I know that intellectually, but my mother's voice still creeps in and it's hard.)

Example: my son was talking to me last week while I was styling my hair in the bathroom, and he pulled the towel bar right out of the wall because he was leaning on it. So I had to patch those holes this weekend. Will those patches get repainted in time? ...probably not. And I am having to tell myself it's going to be okay.

I JUST FIGURED OUT THE SOLUTION: get everyone too drunk to look too closely! Okay, this can work. Ha. *blows bangs out of face*


It is gross and humid today (55% which, okay, for somewhere like Houston that's desert levels but it was 19% a few days ago!) and I don't like it and I have to get stuff done outside and BOO HISS. I do believe I'll reward myself with some delicious tacos from my fave taco stand as a reward.


I've been absent, I know, but I have reasons. 1: Stallioncrest. We're almost done filming ep 1, we should wrap tonight, then it's all editing and adding in the sound, yadda. It's been a fun experience learning how to do all of the production stuff, since normally my involvement is standing on my mark and delivering lines. Writing the script, formatting it to a screenplay, turning that into a shot sheet, filming, then editing all of that, etc. is actually a lot of fun. I could totally get into the production side of things.

If you want to follow along on this journey, we've made a website (vivalelbee.com) that should be loaded up with footage by this weekend.

In other news, I filmed my cat playing fetch, because it's adorable (to me) and she's really cute and sweet and the best cat I've ever had. She plays FETCH. For HOURS. <3 I was doing laundry, so ignore the pile of sheets.


I suck.

....if you're lucky. HEY NOW, WINK-A -DOODLE!

Okay, so here's the thing: I'm terrible about replying to comments after a certain point in the day, because I LITERALLY cannot sit on my butt more than I already do, and - yeah. I'm sorry if I haven't replied to a comment. It's nothing against you, just your timing in when you comment and my butt needing me to not smash it into a chair.

Things happening:
  • the gardening show filming is on hiatus because it's approximately the temperature of Satan's nut sack around here. And the film crews I have access to Do Not Like. (And since they're doing it for free, I can't really complain.)
  • Stallioncrest RIDES. OMG, my writing partner and I have spent the past week building our own studio (including a camera dolly, stages, production booth) and it. is. GLORIOUS.
  • We're getting a lot of behind the scenes stuff up on the internet, and if you're curious, you can follow our twitter account, @VivaElBee (El - Laura, Bee - Brian.)
  • Yesterday I got the theme song roughly scored for a demo, finalized "costumes" for the characters, and got a fake leg sculpted for the ever important, "YOU BASTARD!" face slap shots.
  • Today we're filming the "Starring: ____" moments for the intro with all of our cast, and if you're thinking of the way they did that on The Love Boat, then you're thinking correctly.

This is all the stuff keeping me happy and occupied as everything in my personal life continues to be a millstone around my neck, so YAY SILLY HORSES.

WHAT'S HAPPENING WITH YOU? *chinfists* (OH: and blanket statement for those who have asked previously. I do not mind at all if you follow my personal twitter or tumblr. Follow, unfollow, it's your internet time. :D)
Last night I spent almost 6 hours on Twitter liveblogging the filibuster happening on the Texas State Senate floor for the people who couldn't get the livestream on YouTube to work. I hardly ever get political online, because we all know how awful people can be, and rarely do people listen to others' opinions.

It's easy to make Texas sucks jokes. Believe me, I see them every day on Tumblr, LJ, Twitter, etc. Don't think I'm not paying attention. Here's why your easy, cheap jokes hurt: you're negating people like Leticia R. San Miguel Van De Putte, a state senator who came straight from her father's funeral to support Wendy Davis, a woman who has - since 1999 - stood in support of women, children, welfare, veterans, and education, a practicing pharmacist who gave the chillingly-wonderful line, "at what point does a female senator have to raise her voice or her hand to be heard over her male colleagues in the room?" This LITERALLY brought the house down, cheers and shouting and general glee from the people in the gallery for a solid ten minutes and beyond the midnight do-or-die hour. Read moreCollapse )

The squeaky wheel has been getting the grease for a while. Last night you witnessed the other wheels shouting, "HEY, US TOO." That happened in my home state, the home of Molly Ivins (who I aspire to be half as clever and funny as) and Ann Richards. The home of Wendy Davis.

The landscape politically is changing, and last night you just watched Texas Spring. So keep your demeaning, belittling jokes about how backwards we are to yourself, because the majority of Texans don't side with the BS politics that have dominated the landscape. You're ignoring things like Wendy Davis standing for thirteen hours so women can stay out of jail for going to their personal doctor after having an abortion (something slipped in the bill).

I'm not asking you to move here. But understand why I'm going to think you're a jackass if you continue to go for the cheap Texas joke. Last night was nothing cheap, and don't you dare keep treating those of us who are trying to change things like we don't count.

ETA: and in case you didn't see, the bill WAS DEFEATED. Dewhurst (a jackass) admitted defeat just before 2am. And now I'm crawling back into bed. DOMA & Prop 8 DEFEATED/STRUCK DOWN, TOO!! Hot damn, what a great day to be pro-democracy!


Hey did you know? I really like wine.

Now, I consider myself a novice. (I say this because a friend's husband is a sommelier, and WOW do I love when they invite me to dinner!) I grew up hating wine (hey: Mormon), and until I had GOOD wine, I didn't understand.

And now I do. And I'll say this: while not having an education beyond trying and failing, trying and loving, making notes, etc., when I recommend wine, I've never heard back that someone didn't love it. Maybe they're not telling me I don't know. But I have a pretty decent palate, is what I'm getting at. (And honestly a big secret is to pay attention to WHERE THE WINE IS FROM. Regions tend to have similar tastes.)

Apparently I have an expensive palate, too. But now, my daily sip (I'm talking a glass, maybe two, please don't worry about me) is Ladera, Napa, 2009 CabSav. I can get it for about $28 a bottle in bulk, but their website has it for $40. Which means I'm filling up my wee wine cellar with bottles while I can. Easily one of the most sippable wines I've encountered. (Cheaper, and fine as well, is Markham Merlot - 2009 at around $16 bottle. Let it open up for a bit. Napa Cellars Cab was my previous "cheap" daily vino at $21 - not their merlot, though. Their merlot has a different mix, unlike Markham's merlot vs. Cab.)

I just don't care for most whites. They tend to taste weak or like dirty socks. I like to taste the grape. I don't want to taste the American oak it soaked in (which is why I avoid labels that point out the oak - that's the vanilla flavor on the back of your tongue at the finish - no me gusta) and have learned that many California wines add chunks of oaks to stainless steel barrels to get that flavor, because Americans like their wine sweet. NOPE. Gross. Not me. Me and an old Frenchman with broken blood vessels across his cheeks would get along fine, topping each other's glasses off and sharing hunks of bread while laughing about the absurdity of life.

I basically want to have several friends over to open about four or five bottles and talk shop and get drunk and then devolve into telling dirty jokes. SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT NIGHT TO ME. :D

(BTW, my sommelier-friend hooked me up with maybe my most favorite champagne ever: Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose. WOW, is that the most delicious champagne for under $200 - hey, it can get pricey - I've ever had. And it's romantic. Two families, rivals, daughter and son fell in love, made their own champagne and have been going strong for over 100 years. And it is exquisite. If you're in Texas and can access a Central Market, this normally $150 bottle is $90. If you have a special occasion, or have the coin, get it. Trust.)

YEP, I HAD HALF A BOTTLE TONIGHT OF MY LADERA LOVE. What of it? :) Now to dig up some cheese and veggies....



Today is not a good day. It's kind of a culmination of several bad days weeks months in a row. Feeling isolated and lonely and without options is just about the suckiest thing to suck, and all of my close girlfriends (the ones I don't have to explain myself to, don't have to filter myself to) live in other states. That makes me feel trapped like whoa. Random blah about whine whine people blahCollapse )

Everyone in the family is gone for the weekend, which should make me happy because hey! Quiet house to myself, that's a rarity! Except I have no desire to write (what I would normally do in this situation) because quite honestly, no one gives a shit about the stuff I'm writing (I can't even get trusted FAMILY MEMBERS to read some of the things I'm working on and tell me anything about it - even that it sucks. They just...won't read it.), which makes it very hard to care about it myself. Wah, wah, poor white girl with a roof over her head, I know. I make myself eyeroll, too, and this is not the journal you signed up for.

Pleh. It's just one of those "why bother? With anything?" sort of days, but I seem to be having them a LOT lately.

ION, I plan on making this for my dinner because no one will eat them before I get a chance to. If avocado fries can't cheer me up...


Maybe I should create an alter-ego and fight crime. Or turn tricks. Or turn tricks while fighting crime. It's good to be ambitious, I hear? =P

/insert OMG do I try gold star
My day so far:

  • woke up at 6:30

  • coffee

  • fed animals

  • cleaned up mess of teens up late (and mess of husband who is a mess-maker)

  • checked email

  • Breakfast smoothie (omg, it's so good: egg-based protein powder, 1/2 C OJ, 1 C water, handful of spinach, small banana. It takes like a Dreamsicle! Esp. without the banana, but why ignore a banana?)

  • made bed/straightened bathroom and bedroom

  • went on 5 mile jog with turned into the last as a power walk because it's HOT

  • came home, stripped, slipped on bathing suit and flopped into pool

  • realized I was aimlessly swimming laps for 20 min and chilled the hell out

  • dried off

  • got in my day's push up count

  • put on gardening togs

  • finished the last weeding in the big side bed (45 minutes of me, a pitchfork and a wheelbarrow. And the sun, oy.)

  • realized I smelled like a horse's taint

  • showered for a million hours (no, I didn't)

  • got kids on their chores/school work (the Boy is in summer school to make up for lost days)

and now I'm looking at my pantry and wondering if I can just shove it all in, boxes, wrapping and all?

TODAY'S FANCY SANDWICH: 10 grain bread, a layer of this amazing English-Style aged cheddar, slices of tomato, spinach leaves, a touch of garlic salt and fresh thyme. GOOEY. CHEESY. IN MY MOUTH. Mmmmmmm. I think I should have two...

Thank you to everyone that responded to my poll yesterday, btw. It's a relief to see that the vast majority felt that gifts are no longer a "free for all." :) Personal property is just that, imo, and my children are moving towards adulthood and should be treated with the same respect I would another adult. <3

Very important poll for you - no, really!

So, I love doing polls, because I actually learn a lot about my flist and the world around me. *cue flutes and scampering bunnies* But really, I do. And I love when people realize that I'm just a wonk with a keyboard and don't get all bowed up about accuracy, etc., as if I am being scientific or academic in any way. HINT: I'm not. I'm just a curious journaler with a thirst for knowledge.

There's a problem I've been faced with recently, and I'm interested in the general/median opinion on this particular subject. Hang in there with me.

Parent A gives Child C a vehicle for their birthday, a vehicle that is fairly new, energy efficient, and well maintained. Child C cannot drive car without an adult for several more weeks due to a quirky state law, but Child C often wants to practice their driving throughout the week. Parent A has their own vehicle, albeit an inefficient car, gas-wise.

The problem: Parent A continually takes Child C's car to work, to run errands, etc. because "it's energy efficient and it's just sitting there," often not asking permission because they "bought it." This leaves Child C without the opportunity to practice their driving with Parent B.
Poll #1918724 When is a Gift not a Gift?

Parent A taking car as they will is:

absolutely acceptable; they paid for it.
absolutely acceptable; it's energy efficient and that's the bottom line.
problematic, but not wrong.
wrong; a gift was given, ergo unlimited access isn't implicit.
wrong, without asking permission regardless of the "gift" status. One should always ask, that's the only valid issue.

*belly rumble*

Fancy sandwich, duh!
Hangy boogers n flies.
tacos. Always tacos.
anything edible at this point just consume!

I want to stress that Child C is INCREDIBLE grateful and gracious about their gift, so ixnay that from the discussion.

IN OTHER NEWS: I want to remind the public at large that at Hey, Don't Judge Me, we exist to be a place where fans can happily and safely talk about things we love. Not that people can't be critical, just don't be a dick about it. HAVING SAID THAT, my writers work very hard and for NO MONEY at what they do. And if someone leaves them a jerky or hateful comment (especially when it's clear that person is just furthering their agenda without even bothering to understand my writer's POV) they will be called out publicly, and then they will be banned.

I want people to feel safe when they get into discussions. I want people to have ONE PLACE on the internet where they can love things without fear of being made fun of or attacked for loving something in a fannish way. More than that? I want my writers to feel safe expressing their fannish love. That's the whole point.

So for all of you that respect that (either by joining in or staying away) THANK YOU.

It feels like Friday

Doesn't it? Just me? Today is the kids' last day of school so today is the last day that I have a morning all to myself. Well, the kids are older and take care of themselves, so it's not a HUGE hardship aside from them needing me to drive them every where and keep the pantry stocked. (The sheer volume of food I go through in a week... This is why you should not mate with giants. Giant children have very long bodies that need filling.)

As always, life is ridiculously stressful, but there are bright spots. Yesterday, I was able to get a complete episode of "Mastering the Garden" into the can, as they say, and I'm filming another on Sunday. (Erm, I'm still writing that script, too, but hey, no pressure! I have to take film crews when available, especially since they're working for free. Well, for lunch.)

I would like to point out that I am wearing full makeup with my hair down, button down work shirt and jeans to film. In Texas. Outdoors. Where it's very hot. Fleurgh. I'm trying to maximize this opportunity so this is the last time you'll hear me complain. :) Next step is to film one more episode, then do webchats where I answer gardening questions. And where I can sit indoors.

This song is often sung in my house.

Hey, Klainers: did you guys not see that flaming_muse posted a HUGE 27K NC-17 future fic about going on vacation? [And the magic of vacation sex?] Because she did. And you should go read it and give her love. Feed your authors!

London Calling! Wait, Calling London!

My daughter and I have been arguing about something (in a good natured way) for a while, now, and I realized I can ask my flist, since so many of you are Brits (or Brit adjacent).


*not in the slightest, and if you take this seriously to the point of believing this is an actual academic poll, I am going to laugh at you. Because I am an idiot, come on, now.

Poll #1916248 Britains of the UK (lol): How do you take your tea?

I only consider it proper tea if:

there is milk added.
there is milk nowhere near my cup.
there is horse meat added.
I am a crazy person that doesn't know what tea is.
I don't drink tea (because I'm 'Merikan and we drink FREEDOM).
(which tastes like chicken. I MEAN EAGLES.)

Even though you said this wasn't serious,

I am taking this seriously. SERIOUS. Ferserius.
I don't know how to have fun and be silly.
I am going to argue something because you - on the internet - are wrong about something.

Also, it is said daughter's 16th birthday today, and she's awesome, and I love her a whole bunch. And she has a big surprise waiting for her when she comes home from school. MOPPING! I'm kidding. A BABY! No, that's not it, either. THE BOOT! 16 is old enough to be on her own, amirite?

I have all day to be goofy, and I'm happy about that. Also, I had to get ranty in my Tumblr this morning, something I never do, but it's important. And no one cares, I know, but I do, and I feel responsible for this topic (hoarders) and yeah.

BACK TO MY CUP OF TEA. Sans milk. (OMG, the MiL is coming over today and I'm on my "no booze" week and that might need to change.)

I have an issue

And it's that I can't get enough sandwiches. My kids are calling me Joey Tribiani, because I - Look, I just really like a good sandwich, okay? Then you crisp it up in a panini press, and it just takes it to 11 and yeah. My kids told me last night that they are NOT having sandwiches for dinner any more this week. HEY I AM AT LEAST CHANGING THEM UP, WHY DO YOU KIDS SUCK?

Whatever, I'll eat one for my lunch. (Brie, blueberries and strawberries, balsamic, basil leaves on challah bread. Again. Because it's just.that.damn.good.)

ION, I think I might have to Tumblr Savior Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Hoechlin from my feed, because I cannot deal with their faces. It's possible that I am needing to be the meat in that sandwich. THANK YOU, I'LL BE HERE ALL NIGHT. Really. I have no life. ION 2, I realized that I'm not getting enough calories after dl an app on my phone to track my workouts, etc., and HA! Like, to the tune of needing another 700 calories, which explains why I've been feeling lethargic lately. You know what this means, of course.

Poll #1914672 what does this mean?

do you know what this means?

more sandwiches.
anything but sandwiches because I hate joy, sunshine, kittens, and deliciousness.

Random statement time!

I hate bananas.
I have an almost unhealthy love of bananas.
Bananas, frozen, blended with Nutella = the best ice cream EVER
that above statement might possibly change your life.
I have been incredibly unhappy with Community this season and haven't even bothered to watch the last three eps.

I feel strongly that I need to get into the show Hannibal. I also feel strongly that I am not going to be able to deal with the new season of Teen Wolf given how I am freaking over the promo. (I almost feel like it's spoiled the whole season for me, in a weird way.)

I've heard from crazydiamondsue on her FB page, so if any of y'all don't follow her there, she's fine, her home/family are all safe. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, it's about the two mile wide tornado that touched down in OKC about an hour ago. Winds of 200 MPH, which is something like forty squillion in metric, I can't remember the conversion.

We've been fortunate over the years to live in Tornado Alley and not be touched by any [knocks on wood] but I remember tornadoes on the street outside our front door, another one in the playground of my elementary school.

But those were Wizard of Oz tiny twisters ["It's a twistah! It's a twistah!" Never did understand that Bronx boy farming in Kansas...] and this one from today is like the CGI affair at the end of that stupid movie, "Twister." And these aren't CGI.

Is this what it's going to take to get the hardliners in the Flyover States to accept that the bunk they've been fed about global warming has been wrong? Gah.

Blah blah game of thrones on HDJM blah. I'm going to make sure our tornado shelter has what we need, just in case. Man, the one that hit DFW a few days ago gave the locals something like one minute to hear the siren before it hit, it formed so fast.



Are You Actually

Reading this? I'm just curious. Because that's really detail-oriented of you. Feel free to stop reading. But you can see that there's more here, so are you going to keep reading? Really? That's pretty dedicated. I'm impressed. No, really. I'm not being sarcastic, why do you get like that? See, this is the problem I have with your mother - yes. YES. I'm going there. It's time we put all of our cards on the table.

I love you, why are you doing this? After all we've been through? You don't have to be like this. You know, still reading. You could be baking a pie. And then sharing it with me.

Time Wot It Is

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